PALMS - the learning portal of the future.

In a tough, competitive market, the customer has the choice. How do you ensure that your employees have the right skills to meet future challenges?

With PALMS, you will always be one step ahead. The smartest LMS on the market helps you with both Learning & Performance management. It is also the only tool that measures effect and shows which efforts yield the best results. It secures that you are doing the right things to reach your goals.

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8 out of 10 training efforts do not lead to any changes.
What would it mean for your company if you could turn those figures around?

This is PALMS

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The market's smartest LMS allows you to manage training sessions, classes and users. You can analyse skill gaps and set up individual development plans for each employee. PALMS also makes it easy to create tests, surveys and evaluations.

More smart features

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PALMS has helped many companies increase their sales
This is why they chose PALMS

PALMS is cloud based and works on all platforms.

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PALMS can be integrated with all leading CRMs and business systems on the market.
All information is gathered in one place – one system, one log-in. PALMS makes it easy.

Support for the entire organisation

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Keep tabs on key figures.

Give your company the right skills and activities to achieve the goals. At all levels.

Succeed with performance management

PALMS ensures that you carry out the activities that are required in order to achieve the desired result. Examples of activities that PALMS handles are coaching, improvement activities such as LEAN or Six Sigma, customer meetings and projects.

PALMS links training and activities to actual results, such as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and sales. This allows you to see which training and activities yields the best results, and to easily compare different departments.

Guaranteed results

Industry-leading listed companies that have chosen PALMS increase customer satisfaction and sales by 10-25%. PALMS offers guaranteed results, so you know that your investments in skill sets and improvements will have an effect.

Reduce your costs

Companies that choose PALMS reduce their training costs by up to 60%. This is time and money that can be better invested in strategic skill planning and coaching.

The world's best workplace

PALMS ensures that you will attract and retain the very best employees. By working with the company's visions, management and values, you will build a mutual culture with lots of team spirit. This creates competitive power for the future.

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80% of management teams in listed companies believe they offer an extraordinary customer experience
8% of their customers agree

Half the admin time compared to other LMSs.

The market's most advanced learning portal is also the easiest to manage and use.

Everything in one place

E-learning in various portals, classroom training in folders and a lot of material in Excel or in a Training Manager's head. Does this sound familiar? With PALMS, everything is gathered in one place. This saves both time and money!


PALMS allows you manage training, and participants. PALMS' intuitive interface is so easy to use that our customers appreciate that it has reduced the time required for course administration by 50%.

Manage content and structure

PALMS gives you the freedom to create training structures that are suited to your organisation. You can create new content or adapt what is already in the portal. You can also hand-pick training sessions to create a larger training program.

The right efforts

With the right efforts you will not just increase the employees' knowledge, you will also increase their drive. By analysing skill gaps and setting up individual development plans, you can be sure that every employee in your organisation receives the right training.

Did you know...

It only takes three weeks to implement the basic functions of PALMS, and three months to achieve full performance management and analysis functionality.

The Manager. The key to success.

The market's smartest coaching tool creates world class managers.

Keep tabs on the result

Are we on target? If not, why?
PALMS links training and activities to actual results, such as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and sales. In this way, your managers get a clear view of which efforts yield the best results.

Performance management for everyone

Using PALMS, your managers can keep themselves on target. They get help to ensure that professional development and monitoring will take place. PALMS shows you when it is time for the next coaching talk and with which employee.

This allows managers to be in full control of their teams. PALMS shows whether they are having a sufficient amount of customer meetings per week, whether the improvement activities are yielding results, and whether the projects are on track. Everything is documented in the portal, and the managers can follow their teams' development over time.

Who needs support?

Using PALMS, the managers can find out how any individual or group in the team is doing. By means of mapping, they can identify skill gaps and act immediately. In this way, managers know that development plans are followed up and that the employees are on track to reach their goals.

Fair conditions for realising goals.

Give every employee the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Influence their development

Am I reaching my targets? If not, why? Am I doing the right things?
Your employees are expected to operate at peak performance and deliver results. However, to succeed they must be given an honest opportunity to meet these expectations. With PALMS, every employee is given a tool that helps them realise their goals.

The right development plans

Certain employees have the right requirements from the start. Others need more support along the way. How do you know who needs what? With the help of mapping and skill profiles for each role, PALMS develops a development plan that is specifically tailored to each person's requirements.

It is easy to get it right

Using PALMS, employees always know what the next step is and where they can find the right information. In addition to saving time, this also ensures that they work with the right things. PALMS ensures that training is carried out and that planned activities, such as booking customer visits and carrying out improvement activities, actually take place.

Training in a safe environment

Using PALMS, your employees are able to improve their skills. They can repeat the training as often as they like, and will receive clear feedback on what they need to keep working on. This prepares them for taking on real-life challenges. Furthermore, the manager can analyse each step taken by the employees over the course of the training. In this way, they know exactly who needs a little extra coaching.


Learning and Performance Management in one tool

In order to achieve the full effect of PALMS, you need to work with every single part of it. However, you set the pace yourself. You can start with the basic features and then add smarter features as your requirements develop. You can also link this to the analysis and performance management functions of your existing LMS.

Basic functionality

PALMS allows you to publish every type of content, both straightforward and simulation-based e-learning.
Classroom training
Create events for classroom training and give the participants the opportunity to enlist in open courses and submit requests. Automatic confirmations and reminders.
Users, groups and roles
Aim the content at the correct target audience, and analyse the training results in terms of your organisational structure.
Virtual classrooms
Handle time-limited classes, irrespective of the organisation's group structure, by communicating via the notice board.
Films and documents
PALMS supports all standard formats for films and documents, and gives you the opportunity to review the content in advance, directly in the portal.
Tests and certifications
Ensure that the employees have the right skills once their training is complete.
Find out what the participants expect from the training, and what they thought of it afterwards.
You can offer certificates for various training activities. Upload your own PDF layouts or use one of our standard templates.

Smart features

Individual development plans
Tailor development plans to relevant training activities based on the individual's role, requirements and skill levels.
Skill gap
By means of self-appraisals and mapping, you can immediately identify strengths and development areas for each employee.
Complex training programmes
Create new content, adapt existing content, or hand-pick training sessions to form a larger training programme.
Motivate participants by offering prizes when they reach a goal. This could be a training or coaching activity.
Automated reports
You will always have access to information in real time about how the employees are doing. Select what should be sent to who and when.
Behavioural analysis
Follow the employees as they progress through their training, and measure the development of their behaviour.
Next step
Intelligent functions that guide you to the next task.
Activity templates
Smart templates for professional development talks, monitoring, coaching talks, improvement work, sales and project activities. Create your own templates or upload existing templates directly in PALMS.
Measure Learning & Performance Management
Receive direct feedback on how you are progressing towards the your goals in terms of results, activities and skills. Per individual, team or company.

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World-class support

With more than 1.5 million users, PALMS is the most user-friendly LMS on the market.
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Support packages
We offer three different support packages


for those who would like quick and efficient help with basic support issues. You pay per support hour.


for those who would like prioritised support handling and cost control. You pay a fixed sum every month, and receive a reduced hourly rate whenever excess support hours are required.


for those who would like to skip the queue and avoid disruption to their business activities. You pay a fixed sum every month, and receive a significantly reduced hourly rate whenever excess support hours are required.


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